Tsinghua Unigroup Core Enterprise
Stock Code: 002049

After efforts of many years, Unigroup Guoxin Co., Ltd. has made great progress n the smart card chip, integrated circuit and other key areas in a specific industry. In 2015, the company's total revenue is 1.25 billion Yuan, including integrated circuit revenue of 1.1 billion Yuan, with year-on-year growth of 23%. Company has five existing business sections, including Tongfang Microelectronics engaged in the smart card chip design business, Shenzhen Guowei engaged in IC design in a specific industry, Unigroup Tongchuang engaged in FPGA, Xi 'an Unigroup Guoxin engaged in memory chip design, and Crystal Business Department engaged in crystal business.

Member companies all show uncommon creativity and self-growth power.

Tongfang Microelectronics is mainly engaged in the smart card and security chip design of the related technical field, and provides solutions, as the most competitive Chinese enterprise in world's smart card and chip market. Chip products occupy the important position in identification, intelligent terminal, mobile communication and financial payment.

Shenzhen Guowei is mainly engaged in research and development, testing and sales of integrated circuit in the special industry, and provides system integration solutions, as the largest domestic special industry supplier of IC. Product direction includes the special microprocessor, memory, programmable device, interface driver, power management and custom chip with 200 kinds of products.

Xi 'an Unigroup Guoxin is the only domestic company with internal memory and flash memory core design development technologies. It has the ability of product specification definition, circuit design, landscape design, the silicon wafer, particle, memory module test and volume production and other comprehensive engineering technologies, with many series of storage products sold all over the world.

Unigroup Tongchuang is engaged in research, development and sales of large-scale, high-performance and cost-effective FPGA products.

Crystal Business Department is mainly engaged in research, development and sales of quartz crystal resonators, oscillators and LED sapphire substrate materials, with the first comprehensive strength in piezoelectric crystal industry in China.

In Unigroup Guoxin, the IC business advantages upgrade to develop towards a new level! In the future, the company's business will be expanded into the memory wafer manufacturing and package test.

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