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A joint research center was built by Tongfang Guoxin and University Of Tsinghua (Microelectronics Research Institute)
Post Time:2015-8-17 11:27

Recently, a joint research center was built by Tongfang Guoxin and University of Tsinghua (Microelectronics Research Institute) by a cooperation agreement with the international academic influence, to build a scientific and technological exchange and cooperation platform. It marked that the development of Tongfang Guoxin dynamic reconfigurable and programmable device industrialization would be into the fast lane.

According to the agreement, the two sides would give full play to their respective advantages. Relying on dynamic reconfigurable computing research and development innovation, Tongfang Guoxin and University of Tsinghua (Microelectronics Research Institute) would build a reconfigurable computing research center with international academic influence in the future five years.

This is the second cooperation after joint laboratory of integrated circuit technology. As early as 2005, a wholly owned subsidiary company Beijing Tongfang Microelectronics Co., Ltd., had made a cooperation with Tsinghua University (Microelectronics Research Institute) in SOC implementation algorithm, design technology, integrated circuit assembly, test, reliability test and failure, and successfully realized the transfer and application of technology to the enterprise.

Tsinghua University (Microelectronics Research Institute) is an institution in high-level personnel training and scientific research of microelectronics and nanoelectronics, has a lot of scientific research talents and the world's leading advanced technology and experience in reconfigurable computing.

As a professional design company committed to reconfigurable device research and development, production and sales, how to further improve a leading position of programmable devices in China, and to break through the calculation mode, hardware architecture, mapping technology and a series of dynamic reconfigurable and programmable logic device software and hardware key technologies, which is very important. With the help of Tsinghua University (Microelectronics Research Institute) on the talent pool, research strength and other resources advantages, Tongfang Guoxin wants to innovate product batch application,high-end talent cultivation and strategic technology reserve, speed up the development process of the industrialization of the technology, and come into the international leading position of next generation of dynamic programmable logic devices.

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