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Tongfang Guoxin held the cadre symposium
Post Time:2015-11-24 11:11

On November 23 in the afternoon, Tongfang Guoxin Electronics Co., Ltd. held the cadre symposium in the meeting room, Floor 29, Zhizhen Building B, presided over by the chairman, Zhao Weiguo, and attended by senior managers, business unit principals, middle-level cadres of management headquarters. Zhang Yadong, president of Unigroup Group Co., Ltd., Gao Qiquan, global executive vice president, and Qi Lian, Unigroup Group Co., Ltd. president are invited.

In the symposium, chairman Zhao Weiguo introduced that Unigroup Group adhered to take the world-class high-tech enterprise as the goal, and realized the core-cloud semiconductor industry development strategy by the pattern of independent innovation and international acquisition. Zhao Weiguo highly summarized that Unigroup Group development was relevant to combination of enterprise strategy and national strategy, combination of science and technology industry and capital, and combination of the company's interests and the team’s interests, and to speaking in performance, loyalty to the enterprise, and simple relationship.

For Tongfang Guoxin development in the future, Zhao Weiguo

proposed that chip industry is one of the two core strategic points in Unigroup Group, and Tongfang Guoxin would become an important public platform in chip industry, with the goal to become a world-class chip giant. He also encouraged everyone to take the chip industry transfer trend, played a bigger role on the new platform and maximized the interests of the companies and individuals, with firm faith and free mind.

With warm responses of cadres, the leaders of Unigroup Group and Tongfang Guoxin shared thoughts and feelings actively. By all accounts, the chip industry was facing an opportunity of bend overtaking, and Tongfang Guoxin was the most competitive one in the chip industry chain, with fixed gain scheme of 80 billion Yuan, so the company would eventually become a world-class chip giant.

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