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Tongfang Guoxin won again the title of Shenzhen Stock Exchange Information Disclosure Examination and Assessment Class A Listed Company in 2014
Post Time:2015-6-25 10:43

A few days ago, according to the Measures for the Assessment of the Listed Company Information Disclosure Work, Shenzhen Stock Exchange completed 2014 annual evaluation of information disclosure  for Shenzhen Stock Exchange main board, small and medium-sized enterprise board, GEM listed companies. Examination results showed that class A listed company occupied 20.83%, and Tongfang Electronic Co., Ltd. stood out from 732 small and medium-sized enterprise board listed companies, as one of class A listed companies. Since 2012, the company has A in examination and assessment for three consecutive years, which is enough to reveal regulators’ recognition on the company's standard operation as well as information disclosure.

In the future, the company will make persistent efforts, continue to perform the duty of disclosure of information seriously, improve the level of company standard operation, and safeguard investors' legitimate rights and interests.

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