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To focus on the target and improve skills Unigroup Guoxin held the financial work exchange and training meeting
Post Time:2016-6-18 10:39

On 14- 17 June, 2016 Unigroup Guoxin financial work exchange and training meeting was held in Yutian, Hebei, attended by more than 30 financial personnel, and presided over by Yang Qiuping as a CFO.

Zhang Yajun, Unigroup Group president, and Ren Zhijun, company president, made a speech respectively. Zhang Yajun firstly emphasized the Unigroup Group development strategy with the purpose to build a world-class high-tech enterprise group, and core-cloud industrial architecture with independent innovation and international acquisition. He pointed that Unigroup Guoxin, as an important core-cloud platform, had entered a new stage of development. So, financial management should be on the basis of accounting, take budgeting as profit, and take the plan as tongs. The financial personnel should keep sober understanding of corporate strategy, strengthen learning in the experience affairs and business understanding, assist in scientific decision-making, and improve the professional service supporting ability for the good management of the company's future.

Ren Zhijun stressed that the company was in the key stage of development with opportunities and challenges, industry leading creation will inevitably put forward higher request for the financial management work, and the financial personnel should have solid financial knowledge and a good understanding of the industry. Financial managers play a vital role in the listed company, so they should pay attention to improving the comprehensive quality, widening our sight, reinforcing learning consciousness, and developing good study habits in class and even after class.

Around the group overall strategy, Qiao Zhicheng, senior vice president elaborated the company development requirements, financial work general principles and future vision, and ways to provide professional and reliable power for the high-speed development of the company. Yang Qiuping introduced the company financial management situation from financial accounting and management, software configuration and other several aspects.

He Junmei, the Planning and Finance Department manager of Unigroup Group, Qin Peng, the vice president and CFO in Unigroup, and Wang Ye, Yinrun Investment finance director were invited to attend the meeting and communicate with participants,

sharing the financial management, acquisition investment management situation and related experience. He Junmei provided advice on national asset management.

All financial heads of subordinate industries reported the 2015 industry annual financial work summary and 2016 annual financial work prospects, and discussed financial work suspects and difficulties through the case. Guowei Electronics and Microelectronics paid more attention to traditional industrial enterprise cost accounting system in crystal business department, with workshop-visit and speech in the process of cost accounting and the specific calculation steps from Li Ronghua in crystal business division

The tax experts were invited to carry on the special analytical training on business tax-VAT and overseas investment tax.

After the meeting, financial personnel felt that teaching and learning communication could highlight focus, enrich cases, enlighten thinking and increase practice, which not only provided communication opportunities and enhanced feelings and cohesion, but also played a guiding role in the report work in the middle of the year in 2016. The analysis of business tax-VAT and overseas investment tax, related transaction learning and case analysis, eight regulations’ principle layout, and the interpretation of the basic accounting work and requirement implementation are very close to the actual work of financial personnel and highly relevant to the professional development needs. By attaching great importance and vigorously supporting, the company's financial management work would reach a new level, with joint efforts.

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